Appliance Tips

     Basic maintenance and service info to help your home appliances last longer


  • Washers
  • Dryers
  • Ranges
  • Microwave Ovens
  • Refrigerators
  • Dishwashers
  • check water hoses periodically for weakness or bulging & replace if necessary. "no burst" stainless hoses are available
  • if easily accessible, turn taps off when not in use & when on vacation
  • try not to "over soap" the wash load - it can lead to problems, odours, and scum build-up inside the machine (our local water is relatively soft so we need less than the recommended amount of detergent)
  • all detergents work better with warmer water - when your fabrics allow it, use warm or hot water
  • remember, front-loader machines require "HE" grade low sudsing detergents - if you can see lots of suds you are probably using too much
  • front-loader washers - clean and dry the rubber door seal after each use to prevent smells and mildew from forming
  • clean lint screen after every load & periodically wash the screen to avoid clogging
  • ensure your dryer vent to the exterior is clear, as short & straight as possible and not kinked or crushed
  • periodic disassembly of machine is advised to clean out lint build-up
  • when pre-heating the oven, let the heat cycle on and off at least 2-3 times or approx. 20 minutes to achieve more accurate temperatures
  • avoid putting aluminum foil under the oven element - this can shorten its life
  • can you see any abnormally bright spots on the element? this could mean a burn-out is imminent
  • keep the interior & door seal area as clean as possible - grease and spillage can lead to arcing damage in the cavity
  • keep the cooling vents clean and free of dust
  • the condenser coils should be vacuumed clean - either behind the kickplate or at the rear wall of the fridge about twice per year - this helps the fridge run more efficiently
  • most refrigerators run best with their controls set around mid-range
  • keep the door gaskets & sealing face of your fridge clean with warm soapy water - sticky build-up can cause gaskets to tear
  • the freezer should be kept at least half full of food to maintain even temperatures
  • for best results, use a good quality detergent - all detergents will work better with hotter water - use the water heating cycle & run hot water to the sink before starting the machine
  • do not pre-wash dishes by hand, just scrape solids off the plates
  • a periodic cleaning/maintenance cycle will help keep interior and filters clean - with your dishwasher empty, run a full cycle with citric acid crystals in the soap compartment

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