Basic maintenance and service info to help your home appliances last longer

  • Inspect water fill hoses periodically for weakness, cracks or bulging & replace if necessary. "No burst" stainless hoses are available.
  • If easily accessible, turn taps off when not in use & when away from home.
  • Try not to "over soap" the wash load - it can lead to problems, odours, poor rinsing and scum build-up inside the machine (our local water is relatively soft so we need less than the recommended amount of detergent).
  • All detergents work better with warmer water - when your fabrics allow it, use warm or hot water.
  • Remember, front-loader machines require "HE" grade low sudsing detergents - if you can see lots of suds you are probably using too much.
  • Front-loader washers - clean and dry the rubber door seal after each use to prevent smells and mildew from forming.

be sure to empty pockets before washing clothes